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What Does Transpersonal Counseling Mean?

“Transpersonal psychotherapy includes the full range of behavioral, emotional, and intellectual disorders as in traditional psychotherapies, as well as uncovering and supporting strivings for full self-actualization. The end state of psychotherapy is not seen as successful adjustment to the prevailing culture but rather the daily experience of a state called liberation, enlightenment, individuation, certainty, or gnosis according to the various traditions.”

-James Fadiman and Kathleen Speeth

Caroline Salz, MA, works with individuals, couples, teens, and families on a sliding fee scale. She helps guide clients in their process of discovering inner strength, authenticity, and sense of self. She meets the unique needs of each client through a collaborative and client-centered approach. She received her Masters in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Caroline has worked as a therapist with a wide range of clients at the Southern California Counseling Center. To schedule an appointment with Caroline, please call 310-948-2969.

All Interns at The Transpersonal Counseling Center are employed and supervised by Catherine Auman LMFT (30784).