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“If you desire to know where your spiritual work lies, look to your emotional pain.”

— Alan Cohen, “Wisdom of The Heart”

Are you looking for a psychotherapist who is both spiritually-based and clinically competent? Finding the right therapist is a crucial step toward personal healing and spiritual advancement. Catherine Auman, LMFT has helped thousands achieve results in both areas.

Welcome Message From Catherine Auman

I am a licensed therapist with advanced training in both traditional and transpersonal psychology, with thirty years of successful professional experience helping thousands of clients. I have headed nationally-based psychiatric hospital programs, as well as worked through alternative methodologies based on ancient traditions and wisdom teachings.

I am here to help you holistically, in every way possible. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual are not separate. You are a holism, and my life has been devoted to recognizing and honoring that fact, without exception. It’s not my job to take you to where you don’t want to go. Rather, it’s my intention to help take you to where your higher self knows you to be.

When you call, we’ll talk confidentially and you can quickly and easily decide if I’m the right therapist for you. If I am, it will be my highest pleasure and greatest joy to be of service to you. And if it turns out that I am not, then I offer you my heartfelt good wishes for harmony and well-being, and may you find your highest path. READ MORE…

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Months went by while I considered leaving therapy. It didn’t feel like we were getting anywhere. At times my therapist, of whom I was very fond, would say something insightful and I’d decide to stay. Then it’d be back to the same dilemma session after session, we’re not getting anywhere — should I