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Green Tara Press

  • Green Tārā, the “Mother of Liberation,” is an enlightened female Buddha in the tantric tradition of Tibet. She represents compassion, healing and love, and it is believed that by focusing on her, we will develop these qualities in ourselves.  Green Tara is the Buddha of enlightened activity, representing the virtues of success in work and achievements.

    At Green Tara Press, we are dedicated to publishing works that promote compassion, healing and love, and awaken and inspire readers to enlightened action. We share the tantric vision that all is sacred.

Association for Transpersonal Psychology

  • Today, a more comprehensive view of human nature is developing. It recognizes our personal uniqueness as well as a transpersonal dimension, something which is beyond our individual egos, and yet still is a part of us. Based on observations and practices from many cultures, the transpersonal perspective is informed by modern psychology, the humanities and human sciences, as well as contemporary spiritual disciplines and the wisdom traditions.

 Recommended Tantra Resources

Psychedelic Integration List (MAPS)

Millions of people have had a psychedelic experience at some point in their life. Without support it can be challenging to understand and incorporate these experiences. The Psychedelic Integration List is a resource of professionals and organizations who help people integrate past psychedelic experiences.

MAPS does not screen or endorse those who are listed. Rather, these are professionals who identify as being knowledgable in non-ordinary states of consciousness and the importance of integration. Do not contact anyone on this list for psychedelics or psychedelic therapy, this list is strictly intended for integration services.


Spiritual Teachers

Sitting with an Awakened Being will do more for your personal and spiritual growth than years of working on yourself.

Swami Premodaya - photoI-CODA (International Centers of Divine Awakening)

Swami Premodaya, spiritual teacher and personal friend


The great Mystic and Rebel crazy wisdom teacher

Gangaji photoGangaji

At last, an enlightened woman teacher

Eli Jaxon-Bear photoEli Jaxon-Bear

Gangaji’s husband and divine teacher in his own right

Self Help Resources

    • I often recommend this site to my clients who are looking to expand their social circles
    • Lots of helpful articles (some written by Catherine)
    • Again, lots of helpful articles available for free

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