What about Toxic People?

Tantric Dating Logo-LgI know it’s quite popular, but I don’t agree with this concept that certain people are toxic. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all to label people that way; I find it harsh and inaccurate. Perhaps it might be helpful to label some behaviors that people do as “toxic” so that we learn to develop strong boundaries, but the appointing of some beings as “toxic” is often Read More

We’re All Spiritual Brothers and Sisters Helping Each Other Grow

Tantric Dating Logo-LgAn attitude I came to while hanging out at the Ashram and basking in the tantric atmosphere was we’re all spiritual brothers and sister helping each other grow. I’d never thought of the men I was involved with this way, so it was revolutionary, and I’d never been in an environment where men and women treated each other as such. It was beautiful and loving in stark contrast to conventional dating where everyone considers each other either a candidate for the Read More

Tantric Dating Vs. Conventional Dating

Tantric Dating Logo-LgConventional dating in and of itself encourages us to think there’s something wrong with other people and something wrong with us. Other people don’t look right, and you don’t look right. They’re not lovable, and you’re not lovable. They don’t have the cool moves; you don’t have the cool moves.  The conventional mindset encourages us to see other people and ourselves as weird and Read More

What Do We Mean by “Tantra?”

Tantric Dating Logo-Lg

When most people hear the word “tantra” they think of sex, and often here in the Western world you’ll see “tantra” used as a marketing term, such as come to this or buy this because it’s TANTRA, you’ve seen this right? Actually, Osho, who was a spiritual teacher and Tantra Master from India, explained it this way: At the essence, all teachings basically boil down to one of two paths to God, enlightenment, realization, whatever term you want to use: the Yogic or the Read More

Learning French

Learning About FrenchPeople who grow up in difficult families miss learning some of life’s most basic skills. In homes where physical abuse is present, for example, children often don’t grow up with the understanding that their bodies deserve respect. If the parents were emotionally cold, the child misses learning what it’s like to live in a world where affection is easy and can be taken for granted. Kids grow into adults who don’t believe they can fend for themselves Read More

Sunshine in a Box

Sunshine in a boxAs the days grow darker in the fall and winter, so do many peoples’ moods. 10% or more of the population in northern climates may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that is cyclical and affected by the time of year. Symptoms include feelings of hopelessness, low self-esteem, poor concentration, low energy or fatigue, and problems Read More

The Best Experience You’ve Ever Had

Best ExperienceYou’ve hiked to the top of the hill, and the vista spread out before you is breathtaking. Full of endorphins, you’re overcome with a speechless appreciation of beauty. You suddenly know without a doubt that all is right with the world and your place in it, and you’re in touch with a magnificence way beyond your finite self. The moment changes you forever. Some people call this an experience of God; transpersonal psychologists call it a Read More

Simple Cures For Loneliness

Cures For LonlinessThe simple cure for Loneliness is on the rise. The most recent US data studied by John Cacioppo, a social neuroscientist at the University of Chicago, found that almost a quarter of people today are plagued by frequent loneliness, regardless of gender, race, or education levels. A 2010 AARP survey found that of the people age 45 and up who participated in their study, 35% reported chronic loneliness compared with 20% ten years ago.

This disturbing trend reflects the fact that increasing numbers of people are living alone, added to the decrease in people joining Read More

Mind the Gap

mind_the_gap-logoI visited my sister and her family during the year in London her husband pursued graduate work in play directing. My nephews hated British school, their American ways considered freakish and weird by the other kids. It was hard to eat well there as the produce offered in the grocery stores was at least a week old, but I loved visiting the places I’d dreamed of: Buckingham Palace, the Tate Modern, wherever it was the Bloomsbury crowd hung out, and Carnaby Street, the center of ‘60’s fashion. I cried at Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey seeing the memorials of Chaucer, Blake, Keats, and other great literary figures, comparing the reverence paid Read More

Monkey See Monkey Do

Starving For AffectionThe pain in their eyes is chilling. The baby monkeys cling desperately to their mothers-made-of-wire for up to eighteen hours a day. They barely have appetite for food; they are starving for affection and warmth. If you search YouTube for “Harlow monkeys,” you can view the old videos from the 50s and see what I mean.

When Dr. Harry Harlow began his work in the 1930s, he set out to conduct experiments on the nature of love. Child rearing Read More