Six Ways to Help a Woman Get in the Mood

Six Ways to Get a Woman In the MoodFirst of all, do not ask her if she wants to have sex. This question will go straight to her head, which is not where you want to be.

Second, long before you want to have sex, let her know how much you like her body. Start complimenting the day before, the week before, better yet, make it a constant thing. In this culture where advertising and magazines are constantly telling us we are not measuring up, all women are insecure about Read More

The Quickest Route to Tantric Sex

The Quickest Route to Tantric SexTantra is about making love into an art. If you thought of yourself as an artist of love, what would you create? If you were painting a picture of the most juicy, delicious, perfect afternoon with your beloved, composing a song, or sculpting a masterpiece, how would you honor them?

Tantric lovers take their time. They are not in a hurry. Tantra has everything to do with savoring the moment, and bringing awareness to every detail. Noticing what you’ve never noticed before. Did you ever consider that Read More

It’s Not Enough to Evolve Yourself

Catherine Auman, Spiritual TherapistThe self-improvement business is booming. Videos, books, classes, teleseminars, newsletters, gyms, get-away weekends: the opportunities to improve yourself are endless. Whether it’s diet, fitness, attractiveness, ability to make money, relationships, or sexual skills, there is a myriad of offerings at all price points.

People are caught up in the self-improvement business, but nobody seems to ask Read More

What Do We Mean by “Spiritual Relationships?”

What Do We Mean By spiritual Relationship“WIFFM” is the primary motivator for many people in their relationships. WIFFM is a marketing term for “What’s In It For Me?” We have been taught to value people for how good they will look on our arm, how close they come to our fantasy of the ideal lover, or how we imagine they will fulfill our desires. It’s about how it all looks, right? Except that when we focus on the outside, nobody is going to be good enough because everyone is flawed. Everybody. This is why we love the tabloids — we get to see seemingly perfect celebrities Read More

How Can You Feel Sexy When You’re All Stressed Out?

cute-relateSure, I know, there’s work, and working out, and eating right, and the economy, and relationship struggles, and, and, and, … and then if you have kids, there’s even more. What a balancing act! Sometimes it’s a wonder we have any energy left for sex at all. To make sure it doesn’t get that way for you, learn to become better at managing your stress. Here are some tips: Read More