The Geography of Holiness

Geography of Holiness We had ridden on the motorbike an hour to get there, to the little room inside a cave in India, far off the tourist track. When Peter opened the door, it was to freezing cold air, water dripping into a tiny pond, and the tinny sounds of a cassette tape of prayers sung in Sanskrit on continuous loop. The spirit of holiness was palpable, thick from years of chanting, decades — who knows how long — in India it might be millennium. The energy quieted the mind of its chatter, and still Read More

The Scent of Happiness

The Scent of HappinessRelaxing with friends, chilling to an ambient groove, enjoying the sweet pungent odor of…incense? For most of us, this scene conjures up images of hippies in the 60s: bell bottoms, tie-dye, and never-ending Grateful Dead shows. Actually, it may point to one of the grooviest trends of our time, because according to a recent study, Read More

Top Ten Non-Drug Treatments for Anxiety

Non-Drug Treatments for Anxiety & DepressionMany of my patients do not want to take medication for anxiety and I support their efforts to find a holistic solution. Here are my top recommendations for non-drug treatments for anxiety:

1) Practice some deep, slow breaths, all the way down, pushing your abdomen out. There’s a reason the Buddha is always pictured as having a big belly – belly breathing produces calm, chill people. Yoga and meditation classes can Read More

Give More than You Get

Give More Than You GetBack in the 90s, I studied with Robert Kiyosaki, the multimillionaire author of the Rich Dad series of financial advice books. He was “only” worth four million at the time, years before he became much richer and world famous. Robert taught us that the number one thing he attributed his success to was tithing, the practice of giving away ten percent of your money. Even when his business tanked Read More