Your Worst Nightmare

Sometimes We Are Our Own Worst NightmareThe gorgeous stranger across the room is returning your seductive smile. A warm glow and tingling sense of anticipation run through your body. The air seems electric, the atmosphere more alive. It’s here! — love at first sight, irresistible attraction, the stuff movies are made of. The sexual chemistry is sizzling.

When that happens, run the other way as fast as you can, says Terry Gorski, noted addiction specialist. What we call “chemistry” is often not what we think. “Chemistry” can Read More

Six Amazing Transformational Technologies that are Absolutely Free

Free Transformational TechnologiesA lot of people call me who can’t afford to pay for therapy. It’s true that many of the most powerful ways to work on yourself cost a lot of money. Psychotherapy, high priced seminars, bodywork, yoga classes, nutritional supplements, and seeking advanced training in your field will all improve your life but take significant financial commitment. I personally don’t regret a dollar of the many thousands I’ve spent on the above, but some people Read More

Spiritual Search is the Reward of Prosperity

The Reward of Prosperity is SpiritualityIf we understand Maslow rightly, once one’s basic needs are met, we are free to move up the pyramid to explore our higher level needs. Once we no longer have to worry about food and shelter, like folks in the prosperous West, we can devote our time to our needs for Love and Belonging, Esteem, and Self Actualization. We can graduate from concerns about finding a job that will pay for the basic necessities, for example, to finding the right job that will help us fulfill our creativity and own special gifts.

The human need for Love and Belonging is for friends, a lover, a family, and to be a vital member of the community. If you feel isolated and unloved, the pain will Read More

The Blister and the Teakettle

Blisters vs. TeakettlesPeople often ask what happens in psychotherapy. Sometimes, although more rarely than you might imagine, therapists give good old fashioned advice, and famously, we listen intently. Often we teach skills that people missed in childhood such as how to communicate or manage angry feelings. Therapy involves getting better in touch with your emotions, or Read More

Envisioning Your Lover as the God or Goddess They Truly Are

Envisioning Your Lover As The God or Goddess They Truly AreOne tantric exercise you can practice at home is to envision your lover as the god or goddess they truly are. That may seem a bit farfetched in today’s world, as modern lovers are well too aware of what is “wrong” with their partner. Constantly bombarded with images of what the perfect lover looks like, talks like, kisses like, and makes love like, we compare and analyze and find our partners not measuring up. Since it is hard for a mere human being to Read More

The Monastery of the Angels

pumpkin bread

“I think that’s the monastery Katy Perry is buying,” Russ said as he pulled the flat iron through my hair. (Russ Hart is a genius hair stylist and can be contacted at

I quickly Googled to find out that yes, Katy Perry was fighting developers to buy her own monastery, and yes, the nuns were being “relocated.” I decided I’d better head down ASAP in case closure was imminent, and I forever missed tasting Read More

The Roots of Tantra, Part One

The Roots of TantraWhen you trace it all back there are only two paths, tantra and yoga. All traditions stem from one or the other root. The paths stemming from yoga are those that teach there is something to do to arrive at ultimate fulfillment. The seeker needs to learn to restrain the passions, discipline the body and the breath, and refrain from indulging in pleasures, including sex. One must mold and sculpt oneself into Read More

The Great Art of Doing Nothing

The Great Art of Doing NothingTiffany is looking at me as if I’ve lost my mind. She is a corporate executive for an international, brand-name company; a new mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter and wife. She struggles to control her diet and stay fit. She wants to accomplish more with her time, not less. “Do nothing?” she asks plaintively. “And do what?”

Nothing’s wrong with accomplishing a lot, as Tiffany does. Western culture is focused on achievement which requires a lot of “doing.” People are asking more of their lives than ever before – we want to be successful financially, and have perfect health and Read More

The Prejudice Against Gurus

buddhist-deity-317171_640It’s true there are charlatans and egomaniacs in the guru biz. The media delights in dramatic stories of crazed followers doing odd and dangerous things, like that guy who had everyone drink the purple Kool-Aid, or those folks who committed mass suicide while wearing brand new Nikes when the Hale-Bopp comet whizzed by. We shake our heads at such ignorance and smugly reject the notion that people surrender themselves to anything at all.

In the West, we’re prejudiced against gurus. Here, ego reigns supreme, and Read More